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Meet the Photographer

                   Christine Cruz is an artist born and raised in Staten Island.  Her primary discipline is photography, which she has sought to perfect in the last three years.  Her photographic works range from scenic, to portrait, and everything in between, though all of them encompass an unspeakable and unique magic whether it be through her elaborate set design skills, exquisite use of light, or her ability to connect with her subjects on an intuitive level.  


 One of her recent and elaborate undertakings was the 2018 powerhouse project titled "Project Alice", which received a Staten Island Arts DCA Premier Grant, and was widely received by her peers and community.  Project Alice was a photography driven project with a grand finale consisting of an immersive theater-like art exhibition.  Through fantastical imagery and story lines similar to that of Alice In Wonderland, Cruz explored serious societal topics such as drug use, suicide, and "coming out" as LGBTQ in today's world. She constructed lush sets, and transformed the reformed church in Port Richmond into a surreal wonderland with real actors for participants to engage with. 

     Christine has also orchestrated several theme based photoshoots, such as her 2019 personal project titled "The Future Is Female", where she orchestrated 10+ women to participate in four unique sets that she constructed on her own, along with assembling a team of behind the scenes professionals (hair stylist, make-up artist, assistants) to ensure a high end shoot, in one long day.  

Her Latest installation "Remember their Names" which received a significant amount of media press, was made in a 3 month timespan and highlights Black Americans that lost their life to police brutality in a more than 800 floral arrangement memorial.

    Aside from her many projects, including her most recent launch of her "Lets Get Weird Creations" sculpture line, and her highly sought after event photography business, Christine is busy being a mom and role model to her eight year old daughter, Rylee, and giving treats to her bunny, Bubbles.


Media and Press

Project Alice

An Immersive Art Experience partly funded by Staten Island Arts DNC Premier Grant, Interview with SI Advance.


A interview with MakeHerSpace Radio show.


Lets Get Weird Creations 

Trinkets For the Strange and Unusual 



Interview with SI Advance about

Christine Cruz Photography


Interview About Art Installation 

 "Remember Their Names"

SI Advance


Lets Get Weird Creations 

Trinkets for the strange and unusual

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Christine Cruz Photography

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